Carmel BK

handcrafted pita

since landing in Hamburg in 2019, our goal was to bring Tel Aviv food & atmosphere into this beautiful city, we started our journey with 3 magical restaurants, simbiosa, kapara & kapara upstairs.

we traveled through the streets of Hamburg creating culinary pop-ups and concepts to bring some middle eastern groove to Hamburgs people.

now, we want to bring you the taste and feel of the best street food in the world (in our opinion)

good things in pita. period.

like the famous Carmel market in Tel Aviv, our mission is to take you on a short trip to our street food culture.

we believe street food should not just be functional, on the contrary, it's happy, emotional, and full of life. next to our 6 signature pita dishes, you'll find in our shop a small deli offering fresh salads, spices, tahini, and other surprises straight from Israel.

good music — good drinks — good people

let your appetite rise

if you haven't gotten excited until now, there must be something wrong with u … just saying.

by the way, we are vegan & proud.

Come, eat and drink!

Make your events great again!

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Simon-von-Utrecht-Straße 12
20359 Hamburg

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 12:00 – 21:30
Saturday: 15:00 – 21:30